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SOS Rape Crisis provides play therapy for children under the age of 11 who have experienced sexual abuse. The child does not need to have disclosed to the authorities in order to access services.

Play therapy recognises that children will not usually communicate their thoughts and feelings verbally in the way adults do. Instead, they use the mediums of play and creative arts to communicate and process their difficulties. Play therapy gives them a safe and confidential space to help them understand their emotional, physical and behavioural responses to the abuse.  Children are never forced to talk about things that make them worried or confused.

Sessions last 45 – 50 minutes and are usually the same day and time each week. SOS Rape Crisis usually offers up to 20 sessions, but the play therapist will discuss progress and plan an ending in partnership with the child and parent during regular reviews.

Parents will be required to remain on site and wait in the waiting area for the duration of their child’s session.


SOS Rape Crisis recognises that it can be extremely distressing for parents to know that their child has experienced sexual abuse. Parents / Carers can access up to 6 counselling sessions to help them process their own feelings about what has happened. Monthly Parent Support Groups are also available.

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