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The Young Person’s is a service for boys, girls, and transgenders that is if you are aged 11-25 years and have experienced any type of sexual abuse at ay point in their lives.  As well as one-to-one counselling support –  The Young Person’s service offers therapeutic group work for young people that addresses emotional, behavioural issues and helps young people understand their experience.
The support helps young survivors come to terms with what happened and how to deal with the effects it is having on their life.
There is no pressure to go into details about what happened. Survivors can talk when they are ready and at their own pace in a safe and confidential space.
We understand it can be difficult to talk about what has happened so Young Person’s workers will tailor their support to what your needs are. This can be with creative arts and other activities.


Girls and Boys group work brings young people together who have been through similar situations.
It is a safe place to share experiences and advice, which can help young people to see that they are not alone.
Perhaps they think no one will believe them, or that they did something to deserve it.  They may have been threatened.
Maybe they don’t want friends to find out, they want to protect their family or even the person who did this.
The support helps young people to recognise the effects of sexual abuse and the behaviours that may manifest as a result of the abuse.
If you are a carer or a relative of a young person and would like to access support you can ring our office or make an online referral and a Rape Crisis worker will be in contact with you.


Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse.  This is when you may have been tricked or put in exploitative situations and relationships receive something such as gifts, money or affection as a result of performing sexual activities or others performing sexual activities on them.

Children or young people may be tricked into believing they’re in a loving, consensual relationship. They might be invited to parties and given drugs and alcohol. They may also be groomed and exploited online.

Some children and young people are trafficked into or within the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation can also happen to young people in gangs.


Grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or trafficking.

Children and young people can be groomed online or face-to-face, by a stranger or by someone they know – for example, a family member, friend or professional.

Groomers may be male or female. They could be any age.

Many children and young people don’t understand that they have been groomed or that what has happened is abuse.


SOS Rape Crisis recognises that it can be extremely distressing for parents to know that their child has experienced sexual abuse. Parents / Carers can access up to 6 counselling sessions to help them process their own feelings about what has happened. Monthly Parent Support Groups are also available. If you would like further information please ring our office or make an online referral and a Rape Crisis Worker will be in contact with you.