Our website is being updated, but we will be back online soon.
Until then, please contact us at info@sosrc.org.uk or call 01702 667590

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Update 01/04/2020 on services - COVID-19

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone and we’re doing our best to adapt to the current situation and wanted to update you on what you can expect from our specialist services at SOSRC.

What we are changing:

We will no longer be able to provide face to face counselling or ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advocate) sessions for the foreseeable future.

What we can do instead:

We will be providing telephone and online sessions/support for counselling and ISVA clients, we understand that this is not going to be suitable for everyone’s needs, but we hope to make our services as accessible for as many people as we can.

You can still:

• Gain information and resources from our website: www.sosrc.org

• Within our website there are some useful Downloads including our Rape Crisis Self Guide – please see link below for quick access to this page:


• Complete online referrals for yourself or a person you are working with via our website or link below: https://www.dpmscloud.com/external/referralformorgessex

• Speak to the SOS Rape Crisis team if you need further information or would just like to speak to someone about any form of sexual violence you/someone who you are working with may have experienced at any point in their lives.

• You can call our office number on 01702 667590 – If no one answer’s the phone please do leave us a message and someone will ring you back within 24 working hours.

• You can also email us at: info@sosrc.org.uk

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