Our Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (ISVAs) and Children Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (CHISVAs) work alongside our survivors and their families/carers to provide one to one emotional and practical support; this includes support and advocacy navigating the criminal justice system.


The counselling service offers two different pathways through our service, depending on the survivor’s situation. The first is specialist individual counselling. The second is pre-trial therapy for survivors who are engaged in the criminal justice system or are considering reporting to the police.

Specialist sexual violence counselling for people who have experienced domestic abuse is available in the Essex County Council area, read more about it here.


The Young Person’s is a service for boys, girls, and transgenders that is if you are aged 11-17 years old and have experienced any type of sexual abuse at any point in their lives.  As well as one-to-one counselling support –  The Young Person’s service offers empowerment group workshops run by our specialist children and family facilitator. Our groups’ sessions include many different activities including camping trips and arts. CHISVAs (Children’s Independent Sexual Violence Advocates) are available to offer support and guidance with any issues at school, college, and the criminal justice system.


Our under 11’s therapy, which is part of our Children in Need project, offers specialist therapy through play. We offer this service for children who are of school age in our specially designed playroom in Southend. For parents and carers, we can provide one to one counselling in a confidential space.


We run face to face and online workshops for adults and young people. Groups include Five Ways to Wellbeing, Solutions Focused Therapy, and Our Brain’s Responses to Trauma. For more information on our groups please email info@sosrc.org.uk


The effects of sexual violence can not only affect the primary survivor but also their family members & carers. We have specialist support in place to provide one to one support as well as workshops to help you work through any questions you may have. This service is available for parents, carers, siblings, & spouses/partners.


All of our services offer confidential, non-judgemental support to women involved in prostitution. We recognise the barriers that women face to exit prostitution and will work at a woman’s own pace offering her a range of options and choices. We can offer support with accessing substance use and health services, housing advice, and benefits/entitlements.


SOS Rape Crisis policy is not to provide support to people who disclose, or have been accused of or investigated for sexual or violent offences.  However, in exceptional circumstances, the centre may decide to offer support to clients who fall into this category.   Decisions on whether support will be offered will be made on a case-by-case basis, and will be at the discretion of the centre.